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Bootstrap 4

Bootstrap is a free front end framework by which we can develop our website very fastly. It is used to make responsive sites, by which your website will behave differently in different-different screens. It just gives you more ease because just to design your website you need to write code more in HTML and CSS but here it is having predefined class where you just need to defined these class rather than writing much stuff in your source code.

Bootstrap 3 vs Bootstrap 4

  • Bootstrap 3 is stable version of bootstrap but it is more stable on internet explorer.

  • Bootstrap 4 is the newest version of bootstrap. It contain new components that helps to built website more responsive.

  • Bootstrap 4 also supports all major browsers.



Before you starting, we are assuming that you have basic knowledge of HTML and CSS . If not, then we will suggest you to go through html tutorial and css tutorial. After this tutorials you find yourself expertise in development of websites.

Why to use Bootstrap ?

  • Easy to use- If you have basic knowledge of HTML and CSS than very easily you can use it.

  • Responsive Features- It is mainly used to design responsive websites by which our website looks good in every type of screen.

  • Browser Compatibility- It supports mainly all the browsers like (Google , Firefox , Safari etc.)

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