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What is amazon cloudWatch and how create alaram

Amazon cloudWatch helps you to monitors your web application which is running on AWS in real-time. With this we can collect and track information of the application. We can set the alarms in order to send notofication. Alarms will automatically makes changes based on the rules set by user. For Example, IF my CPU utilization is less then 50% then It should stop automatically by alarm.

1. First Go to services tab click on cloudwatch under Management Tools. Then clik on create dashborad give any name to your dashboard.

2. Then you will get some options click Compare metrics over time, then hit the button configure.

3.Click EC2 matrics as we wants to monitor the performance of our instance EC2. click on pre-instance.

4. Over here you will get all the matrics, select carfully your instance. Matrics name sould be CPUUtilization then click create widget.

5. We are going to add one more widget, click on add widget select Compare metrics over time and then click on configure. Again select EC2 and the click on Per-Instance Metrics over there select your instance id with matrics name network In and network out. Then clik create widget.

6. Now we are going to set alarm, click create alarm after that you will get pop up page select Per-Instance Metrics. Select your instance choose CPUUtilization Metrics next click on Next button.

7. Give name to your alarm, choose the condition inside CPUUtilization If you choose <= 50. Which means if your CPU utilization is less then 50 % then this alarm will fire and stop the instance. If you choose stop the EC2 instance inside the EC2 action. Then last step is to hit create alarms button.

8. If everything goes right,your EC2 instance will be stop after 5 min.

Above I have explain a simple example of creating cloudWatch and alaram for EC2 instance. Network In identify the incoming network traffic on single istance. Network out use to identify the outgoing tarffic from single instance. Training on AWS in Gurgaon and Delhi | IT training insitute of gurgaon.