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How to migrate complete databases to AWS EC2 instance

1. Inside your godaddy server, open phpMyAdmin. Click on Export button then select coustom after that choose the database you wants to export, select the format type in which you wants to export the database in my case I zipped the database. Then click go down click on Go/submit.

2. After downloading the databases, you can diretly upload that database zip file to Filezilla in your EC2 instance.

3. Please keep in mind that you have to upload that database inside the root file (/var/www/html/).

4. Then unzip your database zip file inside root html through unzip database file.

5. Ones it unzip then you needs to load that complete databases data inside EC2 mysql server.

6. If you havent create database inside the EC2 mysql then create the database with same name, like in my case its demo09.

7. I am asuming you already create your database inside EC2 mysql. Now you can load your database through sudo mysql -u root -p database name < extractfile name.(in my case its sunita.sql)

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