Load Balancing in AWS cloud
2 April, 2018ByAdmin

Nowadays IT and Electronics industry is growing at rapid speed in order to fulfill their computing and storage resources they cloud computing for better output of investment. AWS cloud computing gives them the upper hand to compute the resources of the organization. Already the big organization using AWS cloud computing services like Netflix, Expedia, Unilever and Dow Jones etc. Now understand what brings us load balancing in AWS cloud.

What is Elastic Load balancing in AWS?

Different type of Elastic Load balancing in AWS?

There is three type of load balancing all are automatic scaling and highly available and highly secured. 1. Application Load Balancer 2. Network Load Balancer 3. Classic Load Balancer

3. Security - Amazone EC2 work in conjunction and VPC to provide full proof security and high-level networking for your instances.

Why we use Elastic Load balancing in AWS?

1. TO avoid system failures 2. Improve the performance of the system 3. To distributes the workload from many servers

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