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How to setup amazon Route 53

Route 53 is Domain Name System web service. It will route any website from different server to AWS server.

Main functions performed by Route 53 -:

a. domain name register

b. route the website from any server to AWS server

c. Monitor resource health

1. Go to DNS management from aws service panel.

2. Create a hosted zone. Enter the domain name you wants to point to amazon (example.com)After creating hosted zone you get ns records. You needs to put this records on your current server where you use hosting. In my case I am using godaddy server for current hosting.

3. Open your current hosting panel, just go to DNS records name server click on change. Replace it with your aws ns records.

4. This may take upto 24 hours to propagate completely. So plan your domain switch accordingly

5. Lets setup a simple apache server on ec2 instance. Keep security group wide open.

6. Now we are going to setup some records inside route 53 to point that server. Go to route 53 then hosted zone and create a new record set

7. In this record set we are going to use A record. Now we are going to set www to our ip address put your ip address inside value and click create.

8. Now we are going to create alias record any one who hit www or not go to the same target.(our ip address)

9. Its time to varify your records. If you hit your website name you should see apache2 page. Beacuse you have only install apache2 in Ec2 instance. If you put www you should see the same result.

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