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Ec2 VPC Creation

1. First Go to VPC and Create VPC.

2 Then After create Subnet. IPv4 CIDR block should be

3.Create Route Table Attach your VPC with that.

4. Next we are going to Create Internet GatWay. Link Internet Gateway to Route Table. We will Check weather its attached or not

5. Next, Route table is connect internally. Go to Route Table click route. Check the destination and target should be local

6. Attach your internet gatway to your VPC.click om Action then attached VPC, select your VPC then attach internet Gateway.

7. Go to Routes Click on Edit Rule, click on internet gateway, select the the gateway which we created earlier then save changes.

8. After that launch ec2 and use VPC and Subnet which we have created

9. Auto Assign IP enable. In step 3 of ec2 creation put these command #!/bin/bash yum update -y yum install -y httpd service httpd start

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