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Fundamentals of designing any website is HTML and CSS. So here I will be describing what is html and CSS, what is their need and how can we use them.

What is html?

Html: html stands for hypertext markup language . Hypertext is a text displayed on the computer screen with the references to other texts which the user can immediately access. Markup refers to the sequence of symbols that you insert at certain place in text processing file to indicate how the file should look when it is displayed. Markup indicators are called “tags”.

So html is a language which is used to create a website with the help of tags . we use angular brackets “<>”to write tags. “<>”this is used for opening a tag and “” is used to close the tags. There are so many tags available in html which we can use according to our need for example, heading tag, paragraph tag , table tag, anchor tag, image tag, list tag , form tag and so on .

Brief description of the html tags:

Heading tag : Heading tag , as the name suggests , is a tag used to write heading . There are different heading tags such as h1, h2, h3………..h6. h1 heading tag is the largest i. e if you use h1 tag then you will get a largest heading . h2 tag is second largest , h3 is smaller than h2 ,h4 is smaller than h3 and h5 is smaller than h4 and h6 is the smallest of all .

Paragraph tag: To write a paragraph in html we use p tag . In this we just need to type write whatever you want. you can write as many paragraphs as you want using p tag. is an object-based scripting language that is lightweight and cross-platform. JavaScript is not compiled but translated. The JavaScript Translator (embedded in browser) is responsible to translate the JavaScript code. JavaScript is used to create interactive websites. It is mainly used for :

Table tag: table tag is obviously used to create tables , tables have rows and columns .To create a table we use , (table rows),
(table data) in the following syntax:

sunitarout[email protected]

The above example will result in a table with columns first- name , last-name and e mail id .

Anchor tag: anchor tag is a tag which is used to link one page to another page. href attribute is used in this tag to define the address (URL ) of the page to which the page is to be linked . Syntax: link test.

Image tag: This is very interesting tag of the html which is used to retrieve image . we can pick any image from any folder in our system and use it in our code to make our website more presentable . Adding images to the website makes it more attractive.

Where , img stands for image , src stands for source ,” C:\Users\sunita\Desktop\image html\-- this is the URL/address of the folder from where we are picking up the image, view is the name of the folder and jpg is the type of image.

List tag : list tag is used to specify information in a list. There are three types of lists :
(1) ordered list: ordered list is a sequence of information stored in a proper sequence . ordered lists are also known as numbered list.

(2) Unordered list: unordered list is used to write information without any particular specification i .e randomly.

Marquee tag : we use this tag to make the texts or images to move constantly horizontally or vertically. For example , sunita

Button tag: button tag is used create clickable buttons for your web pages.

CSS: CSS stands for cascading style sheets.

Using CSS we can give style to the html tags such as we can add borders, background, padding, margin , float, etc.

There are three types of CSS : *Internal CSS:- Internal style sheets allow us to style the document. It is defined in the head section of the html page inside the . Similarly we can set background image, background position etc.

CSS border: CSS border is used to specify border to the elements . These are the four border properties that we can use : (1)border-style (2)border-color (3)border-width (4)border-radius

CSS margin: CSS margin is a property which allows us to give space between the screen and our document file . Margin: This property sets the top, left, right, bottom margin once. We use this when we have to take same margin in all the four sides.

CSS padding: CSS padding is used to give space within the different elements in the document.

Padding: This property is used to set all the padding in one declaration.

Padding-top: This property is used to set the top padding.

Padding-bottom: This property is used to set the bottom padding.

Padding-left: This property is used to set the left padding.

Padding-right: This property is used to set the right padding.

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