Amazon CloudFront Training In Gurgaon?
2 April, 2018ByAdmin

Amazon CloudFront knows as a content delivery network available by AWS. CDN has worldwide distributed network proxy servers which cache content. In simple words, CloudFront speeds up your static and dynamic web content such as JSP, PHP, HTML etc. CloudFront distributes your data at the worldwide datacenters which are known as Edge locations. For Example, If your website content, images at CloudFront, and your origin location are Indian and someone is accessing your website from the USA. Then your website data content will from nearest Edge location of the USA rather than origin points of web content. This whole process decreases the time delay and increases the performance of the website.

Benefits of using CloudFront:-

1. If your website content at Edge location it will deliver by CloudFront immediately.

2. Let suppose your content is not available at Edge location, in that case, CloudFront retrieves the content from S3 bucket and HTTP server.

3. CloudFront increases the distribution speed of your website content so that each request come from close Edge location.

4. CloudFront provides the fastest delivery of your website content the users.

5. With CloudFront, your web content reliability and availability automatically increased as copies of your content shared at multiple Edge locations.

6. CloudFront technology is very inexpensive you only have to pay for Edge location, s3 bucket if it's in use and cost of submitting data at origin location.

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