What is EC2? And Benifits of AWS?
2 April, 2018ByAdmin

EC2 is a web service that provides secure, scalable compute capacity in the AWS cloud. EC2 heavily reduce the cost of server hardware. With the help of EC2, you can quickly launch as many virtual servers you want in just fraction of minutes.So on EC2 you can upload and deploy your applications faster. EC2 allows you to scale the capacity both sides.

6 Benefits of AWS :-

1. Scaling - With this you can easily scale the capacity up and down according to your requirements. You can also use Autoscaling feature to scale the application automatically according to load on an application.

2. Low in Cost - In AWS you will pay what you have used. If we compare AWS from other cloud services like Google and Azure it's quite inexpensive among all of them.

3. Security - Amazone EC2 work in conjunction and VPC to provide full proof security and high-level networking for your instances.

4. Flexible Cloud Computing - Amazon EC2 allow you to choose memory, CPU and storage system with your choice of operating system and applications.

5. Complete control on AWS services - You can completely control your instance where you get root access, you can easily install any environment like Java, PHP etc.

6.Integrated with many services - Amazon EC2 is integrated with many services S3(storage system), RDS(Relational Database Service) and VPC(Virtual Private Cloud) etc.

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