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Step By Step Guide to Create S3 Bucket

S3 is one of the popular web service provided by Amazon. It stands for Simple Storage Services (S3) which not only allows you to store your data on amazon clouds but also you can retrieve your data from anywhere anytime.

In S3, First you need to create bucket which you can understand as a container. In your created bucket, you can store your data (S3 stores data as objects). That data can be anything such as document file, images, videos, code etc. which you can later modify.

Amazon web services management console make this whole process easier for everyone due to its simple interface. In this article, I will provide you a step by Step process to you create bucket and add objects in it. So let’s go:

Step 1: To access Amazon S3, you must have an account on Amazon web Services. If you don’t have, then create one by following given on –screen instructions on aws.amazon.com and login.

Step 2: After Login, on left side top corner you can see Services tab.

Click on Services tab and select S3 in Storage category. It will open S3 dashboard.

Step 3: On S3 dashboard,you can see a button namely create bucket. Click on it. It will display a dialogue box that contains four tabs. In first tab, it will ask you bucket name and the region.

In bucket name, type a unique name for your new bucket.

In region, choose the region where you want the bucket to reside. (In my case, I choose Asia Pacific (Mumbai)).

Note: You can create more than one bucket here but keep remember that your bucket name must be unique across all existing bucket names in S3 and you cannot change it later, so choose it wisely.

Choose Next

Step 4: Configuration Options: For now, you don’t need to change anything here because it requires cloud watch’s knowledge. So click Next.

Step 5: Set Permission: Here you can manage permission for your bucket and it is recommended that do not change the default setting of Do not grant public read access to this bucket because granting public read access permissions means that anyone in the world can access the objects in your bucket. So here we also are not changing anything.

Choose Next

Step 6: On the Review tab, check the settings. If you want to change something here, choose Edit. If your current settings are correct, choose Create bucket.

Step 7: So now you have a bucket. Let’s add an object to it. As you know object can be anything: A text file, an image, a video etc. To upload an object to your bucket, click on your bucket name in bucket name list. It will show you a new page which contain Upload button. Click on it.

A dialogue box will open, In Select file tab you can see Add Files button that allows you to select your file that you want to upload, click on it and select your file and then choose Open.

Choose Upload

This is how you can upload your data or object in your bucket.

You can also download your object from your bucket. All you need to do is select the file name that you want to download, right click and choose download.

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