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CSS Links

As we know through links we use to redirect the existing page into some other document or page etc. In CSS links are stated under 4 states which are as follows :-

  • a:link-    normal, unvisited link(not clicked even)
  • a:visited-   once this link is been visited
  • a:hover-   mouse at upon the link
  • a:active-   link when clicked

We can give any styling to this link means we can give different colors to these link , set text-decoration for this link and etc. anything you want

Let's understand this by the following program

<!DOCTYPE html>




          a:link {background-color:hotpink; }

          a:visited { background-color:pink; }

          a:hover { text-decoration:line-through; }

          a:active { text-decoration:overline; }




<a href="best-css-training-insitute.html"> Click Here </a>

<p> See the changes in above link </p>



Output of the Program

So like this we can change the styling of our links.

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