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HTML Introduction

  • HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language.
  • It describe structure of webpage.
  • Represented by tags.
  • HTML is used to create static website by creating various web pages.
  • It allows use of templates,which makes designing webpage easy.
  • Every browser supports HTML language.

Meaning of HTML:

Hyper text- It is text within text.
Markup language- It is a computer language which changes text into images,tables,links etc.and apply layout to text document.

Simple HTML Document

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title> Page Title </title>
<h1> My Heading</h1>
<p> My Paragraph. <p>


Example Explained

  • !DOCTYPE html defines this document is in HTML 5
  • html> element is the root element of an HTML page
  • head element contains meta information about the document
  • title element specifies a title for the document or page
  • body element contains the page content
  • h1> element defines a large heading
  • p> element defines a paragraph