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JS data type

We are having mainly two types of data types in Javascript which are as follows :-

  • Primitive Data Type
  • Non-Primitive Data Type

Mainly we declare our data types just by using var , although we are having different declaration also by which we can declare our data type, but we will be reading about them later


var a = 50;

var b = "Manish is my name";

So like this we can declare our variables

JS Primitive Data Type

We are having five types of primitive data types which are as follows:-

Data Type Description
String declares the sequence characters inside (" ").
Number declares the numeric values.
Boolean declares boolean values viz are true and false.
Undefined declares undefined value.
Null declares null value.

JS Non-Primitive Data Type

We are having mainly three types of non-primitive data types which are as follows:-

Data Type Description
Object declares the instance through which we can access members.
Array declares same type of similar values.
RegExp declares regular expression.

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