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Migrate Website from Godaddy to AWS

1. First step will be you needs to launch instance , In my case I have choosen ubantu server with port 22 and 80.Port 80 will run apache2. Ones your instance is in running state. Then connect to your instance.

2. After connecting your instance you needs to install apache2 in your machine by typing this command sudo apt-get install apache2.

3. I hope you installed apache2. Then after go to the root directory through cd /var/www/html/. If you type ls you will find a index file. Which a default file come with installation of apache2. You needs to delete that file through sudo rm -f index.html.

4. Then go to your Godday account cpanle section, select all files compress it in zip format.(after ziped your file give some name like data.zip).

5. Now come back to your terminal where u have made connection to a instance. Then type this root directory(cd /var/www/html/) sudo wget websitename/zip folder name.

6. If upload is not successful then type sudo chown ubuntu /var/www/html/.

7. Again type the same command in terminal sudo wget websitename/zip-folder name. With this you will notice that your all files are uploaded inside the Ec2 instance.

8. The last step will be unzip the file, type command sudo unzip file name.

Above I have explain a very simple steps to migartes your website from Godaddy to AWS. If you have any query then feel free to ask me.